There are a few national cycle routes that have been routed by Sustrans that pass by us and take you in various directions.
You can explore some of these routes on our cycle trail section. More information is available at :
Sustrans in the South West is piloting a new initiative in Bournemouth and Poole to improve walking and cycling routes so that they are suitable as places to play as well as linking children to play spaces.

In conjunction with our eight Bike It officers that are active in the South West, we're working to give our children the space and skills they need to travel under their own steam to school, for fun and to see friends.

We are also working with thousands of households in Exeter and Bristol, giving people at home the tailor-made information they need to walk, cycle and use public transport more.

In the South West Sustrans is working on several Connect2 schemes, all of which will create new crossings of busy roads, rivers railways and, in the case of Bath, under a steep hill, and linking these into networks of new and existing walking and cycling routes. When complete all the schemes will reconnect people to their local places and green spaces.

We are also piloting one of our DIY Streets in the region, working with local communities to redesign their streets to create liveable spaces outside their front doors, where children can play and neighbours can chat, and those traveling through do so at a pace that doesn't disturb those living on the street.

Work continues on extending and improving the National Cycle Network. Details of routes and rides can be found in the county and easy rides sections. We are also busy developing new Links to Schools, giving children safer routes to schools whilst benefiting the wider community.

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers are very active throughout the region, helping us to look after and promote the National Cycle Network, and we also benefit from volunteers helping with delivery across the range of our work. You can find out more about the opportunities on our volunteering pages.

More information is available at :