Links to our friends at the best local establishments:

The Angelfish Restaurant :
Beautifully presented establishment with history, situated perfectly on the Somerset Coal Canal. Also one of our favourite destinations for anything from a cuppa, to a cream tea or meal!

Bath & Dundas Canal Co. :
The Bath & Dundas Canal Co. is located in the Somerset Coal Canal Canal Visitor Centre near Monkton Combe just 5 miles from Bath City Centre next to The Angelfish Restaurant offering electric day boats, canoes and cycle hire where you can have some great fun exploring the canal. When you're finished you can relax at the Angelfish Restaurant with ice creams, teas, drinks, homemade cakes and food.

The Holbourne museum :
An interesting museum situated near our establishment with fascinating history. Well worth a visit.

The Roman Baths :
Want to see how the Romans bathed, well its all here and a great place to visit.